Rohit Sharma


Team Lead - MEAN

Sugarbox Networks Pvt. Ltd. | Sep – 2020 to Current | Mumbai

  • Work closely with the team to fulfil all the deliverables in a quality manner
  • Breaking down Product requirements into consumable chunks for the tech team
  • Plan and Manage sprints for higher throughput by the team
  • Create documents and diagrams for analysing technical solutions
  • Provide project estimates with sound feasibility analysis
  • Build standard processes within the team, such as Unit Test Cases, API Documentation, Git Workflow et al
  • Bringing such practices to the table, de-cluttered the teams’ daily activities
  • After finalising test cases with >90% code coverage, we saw the number of bugs being reported go down by 60%-70%
  • Work closely with the Product team to plan, solution, and then lay down the foundation for execution of projects

Sr. Application Engineer

Bombay Shirt Company | Dec – 2017 to Sep – 2020 | Mumbai

  • Build a rule engine which helps to configure taxation rules of multiple regions, discount rules, and does the calculations on the fly. This gave the Accounts team to better manage changing rules across multiple geographies
  • Automate the production process by integrating the ERP with a CAD system. XML files are generated for every order that has to be processed, then these XML files are synced to the production facility via Google Drive. The files are uploaded into the CAD system which prints out a pattern, which is used by the masters for cutting. This helped in increasing consistency, and reducing human errors encountered while using manual patterns, thereby reducing the number of negative QC flags
  • Automate factory operations by introducing barcode scans. This helped to efficiently track the items within our production facility, and lower the number of “lost” scenarios, thereby saving costs caused by such cases
  • Automation of logistics by integrating APIs from multiple delivery partners. The system was designed such that it would self learn from turnarounds of previous deliveries, and, select a partner with a lower turnaround time. This helped in increasing the number of items that get delivered everyday
  • Automation of fabric sourcing, this helped in better management of inventory, fabrics are sourced from the vendors which provide a better turnaround time. Upon every order the turnaround is recorded which would help to re-calibrate the vendor selection logic every quarter
  • Create a report which demonstrated the overall sales for the last 12 months. This would enable to do a head to head comparison between multiple stores, which helped to focus and creating campaigns on low performing stores
  • Create a referral program, which would help drive sales at the stores. The offer is run at select stores which can be configured from within the system. This helped to increase the footfall at the stores by an average of 89% since March 2019 to March 2020. The increased number of customer visits also increased the performance of the stores
  • Work with CEO to create a bespoke reporting dashboard, which helps him to have a better understanding of the day to day performance of the sales and the production departments
  • Create a POC for demonstrating usage of Apache Kafka with the ERP for having a better inventory management
  • Create a POC for demonstrating usage of PostgreSQL CDC for generating better reports
  • Create a POC for a rating system, which would help our customers to rate their experience at our stores
  • Create a report which lists the leaderboard of Customers(Most Valuable, Most items bought) and Products(Most Valuable, Most items Sold)
  • Helped to establish the practice of writing Unit Tests which was non-existent until Feb 2019. Schedule and drive sessions for helping the team to get a better understanding of testing methods. With the help of the team, we gained code coverage of 65% within 20 days. Coverage of 92% wasachieved by the end of 2nd week in April
  • Drive the change requests for the website using the Agile way. Hold daily sprints with the Web team and track the progress, reported the same back to the CPO
  • Contribute towards moving the tech stack from Rails + Postgres + Heroku, to Java(Spring) + Postgres + AWS
  • Build a highly scalable event driven architecture with microservices running on AWS
  • Perform integration of the 3D render service(Picario) in the new Angular website
  • Maintain balance between the old RoR system and the new Spring based system. Sync information about orders, products, customer between the two systems

Technical Lead | Jan – 2016 to Nov – 2017 | Mumbai

  • Drive 5 projects for 2 muti-national companies(VMware and WANdisco). Projects included:

    • Marketing and Product websites for both the companies
    • Partner onboarding and Validation portal for VMware
    • Communication platform for helping people to connect with Certified VMware Experts(VCDX)
    • Cloud Provider website for VMware, this lists all the partners and the various services provided by them
    • Serve localized content for each of VMware websites in six different languages
  • Work closely with the VP of Marketing from WANdisco for having a better understanding a the short and long term goals and drive the team to follow those steps
  • Mentor and nurture the team which consisted of 9 Devs and 3 QA
  • Function as a pivot between the client organisation, parent organisation and the contributing teams. Hold daily standups, discuss the daily activities and streamline the teams functions
  • Flag identified anomalies and discuss ways to tackle them with the stakeholders
  • Monitor the functions daily to efficiently estimate timely deliveries
  • Host technical training programmes amongst the team, and sometimes company wide. Host sessions around various programming concepts, and start a trend within the team to share their experiences
  • Hold discussions with the devops team for architecture design of each of the applications. Work with them for creating a CI/CD pipeline
  • Encourage the QA team to work towards automation of the recurring items in their checklist
  • Perform quality analysis of each of the sites by using multiple tools, Semrush, Google Pagespeed Insights et al
  • Monitor performance of the site on mobile devices on 3G, LTE and 4G connections after every deployment, and ask the Dev and QA teams to maintain optimum performance on these platforms
  • Work with the Dev team towards building efficient data structures for better performance of the applications

Sr. Application Engineer | Jan – 2014 to Dec – 2015 | Mumbai

  • Build and Integrate Raml, Swagger and Soap components for the iPaaS product(Flow - now bought by SoftwareAG). This product helps customers to create integration workflows and connect multiple services to get their job done. For instance, if the email received from Rohit has an attachment, upload it to Dropbox. Within this product, I was responsible to create components which would help integration of Swagger API, Raml API and Soap API
  • Help rebuild the Ruby SDK for Contentstack. This is a Headless CMS created in I was responsible for refurbishing the Ruby SDK. Majorly focused towards integrating new APIs and still have a support for older versions. Improve the SDK API, and its documentation
  • Work on multiple projects from VMware

    • Marketing and Product website, served in 4 locales
    • Partner onboarding and Validation portal
    • Cloud Provider website, this lists all the partners and the various services provided by them
    • Communication platform for helping people to connect with Certified VMware Experts(VCDX)
  • Contribute on website created for Ayla Networks

    • Marketing and Product website
    • Serve localized content in 2 locales
    • Integrate Baidu based SEO recommendations
    • Create multiple data points for understanding customer interaction
    • Work closely with the Project Manager to understand client requirements and turn them into chunks that could be consumed by the development team. Participated on every client call to understand the business requirements from a technical standpoint
  • Work on CraftCMS for one of our clients, helped them to create multiple pages, forms, data points for capturing customer details et al

Application Engineer @

Jan – 2011 to Dec – 2013, Mumbai

  • Core contributor to the first product of the company( Backend). This product went ahead to become the incubator for the two other products(Contentstack, a headless CMS, and, Flow, an iPaaS Platform)

    • Created the Push notification Engine by using the APNS and GCM services. The service was designed such that application owners could send out broadcast as well as targeted notifications to specific customers. Customers would also be able to subscribe to channels and receive notifications from channel based activities
    • Integration of payment gateways, Stripe and Braintree. Used the subscription model in both the cases
    • Create a webhook service which would trigger upon the actions selected by application owners
    • Collaborate and contribute towards building the application architecture, database structure with the Tech Lead
    • Enable customers to analyze their application usage by creating integration with Mixpanel. Customers can create cohorts and funnels to get a very detailed understanding of the application usage
    • Create a metrics dashboard which would help the Application owners to understand their billing limits around API and Storage usage
    • Automation of deployments by leveraging Chef. Was responsible for writing cookbooks and recipes which would help in performing zero downtime deployments. The architecture had 1 Chef server, which was connected with 4 chef clients. The chef clients were running on the same instance as that of the application
    • Create and manage efficient REST APIs. Ensure the performance of APIs within 70-90ms
  • Owner of the Backend for mobile application created to solve parking problems in San Francisco

    • The application was named KurbKarma
    • Held the responsibility of create and documenting REST APIs which were being used by the Mobile team
    • Integration with Geocoder and Google Maps
  • Initiate development of the TIBCO Documentation Portal

    • Create a portal where team from TIBCO would be able to upload the documentation around their products into the portal and their customers would use this site for referring it
    • The files uploaded by administrators was uploaded to an FTP server which was being crawled by the Google Search appliance
    • Wrote a Ruby SDK for the Google Search Appliance to fetch and display search results on the site. Ths SDK has ~4K downloads as of July-2020
    • Integration with TIBCO’s Active Directory was done in order to authenticate admins logging into the portal

Jr. Application Engineer @

Jun – 2010 to Dec – 2010, Mumbai

  • Create an application which helps event organisers to manage and publish schedule of an event
  • The users of the scheduler app can navigate on the website, download schedules and set reminders
  • Work on creating an application similar to “I paid a bribe”


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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